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Dholera will become the Shanghai of India

Posted 2023-01-22 by DMC/ Dholera Metro City, Dholera Smart City

Dholera will become the Shanghai of India

30-40 years from now a new city will be ready to make people feel like living in a new world next to Ahmedabad in Gujarat and this new city is Dholera Smart City and this Dholera can be the future Shanghai of India. This smart city is also known as Dholera Sir. First of all let's know what this means, it means Special Investment Region.

Now let's move forward and talk about smart city, there are two types of smart city, one is brown field smart city and the other is green field smart city. So this Dholera Green Field of ours will be a smart city and probably the largest industrial city of India, when fully developed.

Talking about the difference between green field smart city and brown field smart city, brown field smart city is a city that is already inhabited and its infrastructure has been changed like new and better roads, CCTV cameras installed in the premises, best education. And after arranging the health services, the city becomes a brown field smart city, whereas in a green field smart city you only have land and you use the technology as per your requirement on it and settle a whole new city keeping in mind the next several years.

Dholera is going to be a green field smart city of India where facilities from investment to residence will be provided. Dholera can prove to be the best place for investment by domestic and foreign companies and the reason is connectivity.

Dholera will be connected with all four modes of transportation namely road, rail, air and sea. At present, the nearest airport to reach Dholera is Ahmedabad, but the work of Dholera International Airport has already started and maybe this new airport will come into commission by the month of April-May 2024, due to this, the burden on Ahmedabad airport will be reduced. Apart from this, the work of new port, railway line and express highway is also going on for Dholera, so this Dholera will be connected with all the cities of India.

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Talking about this, Harit Shukla, Managing Director of Dholera Industrial City Development Limited, said that the history of Ahmedabad is 600 years old and still this city is being developed in phases, for the same reason, it will take time to develop Dholera Smart City.

Dholera may take 30-40 years to develop, but currently a small part of this smart city is being developed. The total area of Dholera is 920 square kilometers, out of which the developable area is 422 square kilometers. Out of these 422 square kilometers, the industrial area is 110 square kilometers. The main purpose of developing this city is to give people a better life by removing them from today's stressful life. Currently most of people's time is wasted in going to office and returning home from office, but this will not be the case in new Dholera.

Walk to work culture has been specially kept in mind while developing this city. Residential and commercial complexes will be developed in such a way that people can reach their homes within 30 minutes at most.

Another important issue is pollution, we all are facing this problem and pollution affects all of our lives. So there will be no problem of pollution in this Dholera. Here only companies will be allowed to operate which fall under the zero pollution categories. Apart from this, people living here should use electric vehicles more and more, and to encourage them, we have also made provision for charging stations here and there. So there will be no problem of pollution here even due to traffic. He further said that.

Continuing the thread, Shukla says that Dholera is a best option for investors because this entire city has been developed on a plug-in basis, in simple terms, the investor has to come here with his own project, electricity, water, government permissions. Everything will be ready under one roof. He can simply come here and do the construction and set up and start working. Many companies are showing interest to invest in this new city. One or two companies have already started the work. In short, it is no exaggeration to say that Dholera will be the Shanghai of India in the near future.

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