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Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)
Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)
Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)

Dholera Metro CityDFC Project Details

Government of India has proposed setting up of a Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai. DFC will be high axel new railway connectivity with computerized control and multi-modal linkages. Out of the total 1483 kms of the length of DFC, 38% is falling in Gujarat. The area of 150 kms on both sides of the DFC will be developed as the Industrial Corridor.

This Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor(DMIC) will be highly impacted industrial corridor on both side of the DFC. Almost one third of the proposed investments of about 90 billion US dollars in DMIC is expected to take place in Gujarat alone.

As part of DMIC, twenty four mega industrial nodes have been proposed between Delhi and Mumbai. Out of them, six mega industrial nodes (four industrial areas and two investment regions) have been proposed for the State of Gujarat. Identified industrial nodes have to be developed as Global Manufacturing and Commercial Hubs.

All kinds of infrastructure both within and outside the nodes also have to be developed with global standards; Government of Gujarat has not only given its full commitment for the DFC and DMIC projects but has been actively working with the Government of India on the same.

Uttar Pradesh 22 km (1.4%)
NCR of Delhi 115 km (7.5%)
Haryana 130 km (8.5%)
Rajasthan 553 km (36%)
Gujarat 565 km (36.8%)
Maharashtra 150 km (9.8%)
Total 1535 Kms(100%)
Complete Stretch of Western DFC Stretch of Western DFC passing thru Gujarat
DFC Length 1535 Kms 565 Km
Project Cost Rs. 30,327 Crs. Rs. 12,000 Crs.

DFC Junctions in Gujarat
DFC Junctions in Gujarat

Dholera Metro CityProject Implementation Schedule-DFC

Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)

DFC Junctions in Gujarat
Current Status-DFC

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