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Testimonials Dholera Metro City
Testimonials Dholera Metro City
Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

" Location is Good, Development Going on at Place Thanks for Visit..."

- Mr. Pravin Solanki

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors" The location is good. It's not only good for a future living but also good for business purposes..."

- Mr. Bhavin Gami

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Testimonials -dholera Metro City invstors" Overall it was a great experience. The whole team was very professional in their duties & at the same time they were humble, supportive. Trusting the company is advisable as they are very much know-how about the whole project.. "

- Mr. Rohit

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Testimonials -dholera Metro City invstors" I and one of my friend visited Dholera Metro city today and found that the property is in prime location and situated right on the highway. We were greeted by Mr Manan and we had a very warm and cordial conversation with him and he clarified all our doubts regarding DMC and about Dholera SIR. We were very happy with the location of the project and finally we booked our plot on the spot. We thankful the whole DMC Team especially to Mr. Manan, Mrs. Mani and Mr. Nirav for providing us all the details with utmost transparency and we hope to have a great relationship together with Dholera Metro city. All the best"

- Mr. Abhishek

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Testimonials -dholera Metro City invstors" I had a visit to Dholera Metro City and other upcoming places around with Mr Hitesh. Enroute to DMC he gave me detailed information about the projects that have completed by your company. On the way he also showed me the developments that have been undertaken by Gujarat government. Overall we had a good discussion about the upcoming smart city. Mr Hitesh has a good know how of overall scheme and cleared most of my doubts during the visit itself. Only point that needs improvement is understanding of super buildup vs carpet area of the plot along with the restriction of max size permitted for house building. Thanks for the informative visit by Mr Hitesh."

- Mr. Manoj Sharma

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Today on 26th march 21 i visited at DMC. And is most Brunned. All the staff were very coordinated and clarified all my queries during project presentation. And respectively miss. Mani Chaudhary played main Role to Assist me in all my queries and clarification. Overall it was very nice experience with all the staff carrying here."

- Mr. Arun Kumar Giri

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Today we had our site visit to Dholera. We were accompanied by Mahipal of Dholera SIR Infra Development. Mahipal had good understanding of Dholera SIR. He took us around all their projects and well explained them and also familiarised us with entire Dholera. He possesses good customer service skills and is professional in his approach. Thanks to entire team for making our visit fruitful."

- Mr. Sunil and Heena

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Overall the experience of the visit was good and properly structured. The flow of the tour was aligned with the expectations. All the staff members were professional and showed everything related to the property. Their opinions and suggestions were not far fetched but honest and real. I am satisfied with the service."

- Mr. Hemant joshi

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Totally Agree with what DMC proudly quote about their transparency and great service. Specially DMC sales team is exceptional.. Right from Mani, Manann & Mahipalsinh everyone understands the customer needs and try their best to serve and satisfy the customer. Great work !!!"

- Mr. Naveen Raj K. K.

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Finally got a chance today to visit the site @ Dholera Metro City-4 and it was a wonderful experience all together. I have been constantly in touch with Mr. Manan, Taruna, Mani and Mahipal, Payal and they have given me every Information which was asked. Mr. Mahipal took us and picked up from the airport and we has a nice site visit. He explained everything very clearly. a very down-to-earth person. Wish you all the best. Keep Progressing, God Bless!!"

- Mr. Karan Kapoor

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Safe & Happy investment with DMC – Dholera Metro City! There are various reasons for investments. But Investment security is priority because return will be calculated if the investment is at legal place or else all investment will go away in false trade. So, I’m confident with my investment in DMC – Dholera Metro City due to their transparency in documentations and the way they deal with utmost customer service with care.
My experience was fascinating. My bother in law has good contact / relation with Mr. Manan Kela, Marketing Manager, DMC. When we went to see the site Mr. Manan organized everything and specially came on his off day and spent whole day with us. In fact, he accompanied me till I reached airport at 00:30 hrs. And the level of clear information shared by him was the immense support to make decision for investment. I have already done market research from past 6 months and finally after learning a lot of facts, best is to invest in proximity outskirt as they have final / legal approval for all below: Company registration & Work certificate, Title clear certification, Pass plan layout with all stamp, 7*12 doc., N A order, CA & Bank letter, PAN, TAN & ISO available.
The booking process was very convenient. Next day, I received all documents detailing down payment, offer letter, government charges and layouts. I recommend to invest only with DMC – Dholera Metro City. My friends has already started to make plan for investment in Dholera Metro City. Trust me - this place, concept and investment is so positive.
Once again thanks to Mr. Manan and team (the driver and other staff dealing with the layout – can’t recall his name)"

- Mr. Meetesh Kothari

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Testimonials -dholera Metro City invstors धोलेरा मेट्रो टीम को मे ह्रदय से धन्यवाद देता हू. जिन्होने छुट्टी वाले दिन भी अपनी कंपनी को समय दिया. और हमे आफीस में प्रजेंटेशन के साथ साइट विजिट करवाया. सभी आफिसर का धन्यवाद करते है जिन्होने बहुत ही समर्पण भाव से और विनम्रता पूर्वक सारी जानकारियाँ दी. विशेष रूप से मानी मैडम और मनन सर का धन्यवाद करना चाहेंगे. जिन्होने बहुत ही coprate किया. वल्लभ भाई का भी विशेष स्नेह रहा जो एयर पोर्ट से लेकर साइट विजिट और बाद मे पुनः स्टेशन तक छोड़ने आये. वो भी अवकाश वाले दिन. जब कि अवकाश का दिन परिवार के साथ बिताने के लिये होता है.... मै पुनः धोलेरा टीम को बधाई देता हू. जिन्होने कंपनी को ही अपना परिवार मान रखा है... किसी भी कंपनी की रीढ़ होती है वहा का कर्मचारी वहा का स्टाफ. जहां इस प्रकार के लोग होंगे निश्चित ही वह कंपनी बहुत ही प्रोग्रेस करेगी. निरंतर बढ़ती जाएगी. कंपनी और कंपनी की पूरी टीम को बहुत बहुत बधाई. शुभकामनाये........."

- Mr. Our Investor

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"DMC Site is very nice and event updation is extraordinary, Great Response Communication is very clear, Site Visit 100% Satisfaction as well as System also Transparency."

- Mr. Prakash Shah, Kuwait

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Really DMC ( Dholera METRO City ) site is India's No 1 Site and Very much transperancy as well as Great response from All DMC Staff members This is Extraordinary work so Salute to DMC"

- Mr. Chandrakant Vitthalbhai Patel, Kuwait

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I would like to take an oortunity to share my views about this Project and the People with whom I have been interacting with during this Investment agreement.
Had a wonderful feeling of togetherness from day 1, The time when I had discussion with the Sales Executive, the follow-ups as per our convenience.
It was very professional yet very friendly feeling that I have observed during our site visit before making an Investment. I am proud owner of Plots in DMC 5002. I have also being referring my family and friends for this project as this is a lifetime oortunity.
More than the Investment the relation with the operating team matters. They are always ready to answer the query no matter which dept. it belongs to. Accounts, Sales, After sales, IT etc. All are ready to assist.
Wish you all the luck in ongoing and upcoming projects. Keep up the great work !! I would like to convey my special thanks to Dholera Metro City Team for being always there for me whenever needed.!"

- Mr. Siril Barot, Mumbai

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Dear Team,
The over-all journey from beginning till date is just awesome. I have one plot ( No.273) in DMC3.
Also i have 2 plots in 5002 project as well. In addition to this, my borther-in-laws( Sampath & Subrat) have 3 plots in 5002.On my reference, my friend has booked one plot in DMC3 ( Ravi Kumar Munian).Also with my reference my colleague ( Sandipta Biswas) has booked in 5001.
Below are key highlights of the services :
- Internet live booking option is excellent. It is very much transparent.
- Staff are very much suortive and professional.
- Staffs are always available over phone, email , what-as to suort as well.
- Starting from the site visit until the registration completion, all process are very smoothly handled. Now also company staffs has alied over mutation as well.
- Excellent suort received from staffs as Akshay at each and every step."

- Mr. Subini Kumar Rath, Dubai, UAE

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"This is Bhaskar (Having plot no.325) from Hyd, " WISHING ENTIRE DMC 4 STAFF ALL THE VERY BEST FOR FUTURE ". Have a few words to say w.r.t. DMC:
- Excellent suort from Dholera Metro City Team.
- Had a pleasant experience in dealing with DMC.
- Internet Live Booking option is excellent.
- Good Trasparenc"

- Mr. Bhaskara Rao Vootapalli , Hyderabad

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"My experience is as follows :- Whenever any query asked : Promptly replied.
Whenever money transferred : Got Receipt immediately.
Hope that everybody's dream will come true in near future.
In the present era where many companies have cheated people and ran away with the hard earned money, your company is doing a good job and people sitting far away do have faith in your way of developing the real estate sector.
Till now satisfied with the dealing of your company.
We wish all the best to you and your team members."

- Mr. Harpal Singh, Thailand

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I haven't come across service like this before, staffs are very helpful, available anytime, smooth process throughout.I have invested in so many plots in DMC 4, DMC 1, DMC 2, and now I am still investing in DMC 5003, because of transparency.
I very much recommend investing with DHOLERA SIR INFRA DEVELOPMENT"

- Mr. Satish Patel, UK

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I am extremely satisfied and delighted to have booked a couple of plots in DMC 5001. First of all it's an excellent investment oortunity at a throw away price and fantastic return on investment. Secondly, the team at DMC has made the whole process very smooth. I recently registered my plots and the process was a calk walk. I my special thanks to Venu for talking care of the registration process from beginning to the end. I would highly encourage investment in DMC."

- Mr. Avinash More, Mumbai

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I am very satisfied from your invaluable suort and timely guidance in selecting Dholera Metro City as my investment destination. I am quite hay with the transparency and timely information i am getting from you regarding the plots. I will be looking forward to get more investment in these properties through your esteemed group."

- Mr. Deepak Bhatt, New Delhi

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I am extremely hay to get associated with DMC. I never thought I would be able to buy a plot. I had no difficulty through out this process. Moreover you have fabulous team of young and energetic guys, who suorted lot. They were very particular about me till they droed me to my destination. I will definitely invest in another plot soon. Overall my experience with DMC is fabulous. Hats off to your team"

- Mr. Mukesh Choudhary, Hyderabad

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Well! It was a good experience in investing on the said plot. Hope the dream comes true as it is predicted. My wishes to whole team member for their significant effort to make the project successful."

- Mr. Rakesh Kumar Thapa, Bhuj, Gujarat

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I am highly satisfied with this compact. It is very cristle clear and transparencies In every field of dealing with the customers."

- Mr. Kharaitilal Ayoudhiya Ram Sharma, USA

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"So far it has been a wonderful association with you all. The best thing is that you are very aroachable and every time I had a query you had solved it to the best of my satisfaction. Hope the same momentum will continue in future as well and this relationship will become more stronger."

- Mr. Bharat Gaur, Faridabad, Haryana

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Visit to Dholera Metro City was a good experience and i was taken good care of by the developers throughout my journey. The visit gave me an insight in to things to come in the shape of Dholera Special Investment Region. A very ambitious plan of Government of India and Gujarat Government. Truly a Reflection of "Swarnim Gujarat"

- Mr. Shantanu Singh, Jharkhand

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"I am based in Noida. Getting a good and trustworthy land dealer/agent is a big deal here. I had a very pleasant experience dealing with Dholera Metro City. They are very adjusting, professional and transparent. I wish them the very best for future."

- Ms. Indra agrawal, Noida

Testimonials - dholera Metro City invstors

"Had good experience whether its your transparency in pricing or with your employees for any query."

- Mrs. Himani Bhatt, Faridabad

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