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Posted 2024-03-20 by DMC/ Dholera Metro City, Dholera Smart City

Is Dholera Smart City Ready ? (2024 Updates)

Investors often wonder if Dholera Smart City is ready for success. If you're seeking facts and updates, turn to Dholera Metro City Group, a trusted developer. They know all about the city's progress, like how buildings are coming along, and if roads and other important things are being built. They can also tell you about good investment chances. So, by talking to them, investors can learn what's happening in Dholera and decide if it's a good place to invest. Discover if Dholera Smart City is poised for success with Phase 1 development progress, key infrastructure updates, and investment opportunities.

Introduction to Dholera Smart City

Dholera, located in Gujarat, India, is being developed as a model smart city, aiming to revolutionize urban living through innovation and sustainability.

Development Progress of Dholera Smart City


Dholera Smart City is witnessing significant infrastructure development, including roads, utilities, and public amenities, to support its burgeoning population.


Efforts are underway to enhance connectivity with major cities through road, rail, and air transport networks, facilitating accessibility and economic growth.

Economic Opportunities

Dholera offers a plethora of economic opportunities, attracting investments from renowned companies and fostering industrial growth.

Technological Advancements

The city is at the forefront of technological advancements, integrating smart solutions to optimize governance and improve quality of life.

Dholera Smart City Phase 1


Industrial Setup

Phase 1 of Dholera Smart City is nearly completed, with industries being set up by prominent companies like Tata Group and Vedanta.

Infrastructure Development

A four-lane expressway connecting Dholera to Ahmedabad is under construction, slated for completion by 2024, enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

Expansion Plans

With Phase III of the project on the horizon, Dholera's size is set to increase to 20,000 hectares, furthering its development as a futuristic urban center.

Dholera Smart City International Airport


Construction Updates

Construction of Dholera International Airport commenced in January 2022, with the first phase expected to be completed by December 2024, boosting regional connectivity.

Impact on Connectivity

The airport's completion will bolster connectivity and stimulate economic growth, attracting businesses and tourists to the region.

Investment Opportunities in Dholera Smart City

Tata Group Semiconductor Plant

Tata Group's plans to establish a semiconductor plant in Dholera signify the city's attractiveness as an investment destination, leveraging its strategic location and conducive business environment.

PM Narendra Modi at India’s Techade Chips for Viksit Bharat - Tata Semi-Conductor Plant Dholera

Gujarat Semiconductor Policy

Under the Gujarat Semiconductor Policy (2022-27), the state government aims to develop a "Semicon city" within Dholera, further enhancing its status as a tech hub and attracting investments in semiconductor manufacturing.

Dholera Smart City is rapidly evolving into a dynamic urban center, with Phase 1 nearing completion and ambitious expansion plans underway. With key infrastructure projects like the international airport and semiconductor plant, coupled with favorable government policies, Dholera presents lucrative investment opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

Is Dholera Smart City Ready?

Dholera Smart City Phase 1 is almost ready for industries, with significant progress made by companies like Tata Group and Vedanta. The city's development is bolstered by infrastructure projects such as the four-lane expressway and Dholera International Airport, scheduled to be operational by 2026. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Dholera is poised to become a leading smart and tech city in India.

In conclusion, Dholera Smart City is on the brink of transformation, with Phase 1 nearing completion and major infrastructure projects underway. As a beacon of urban innovation, Dholera offers immense investment potential and promises a vibrant future for residents and businesses alike.

Interested investors can reach out to Dholera Metro City Group, an innovative real estate developer facilitating investment in Dholera Smart City projects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What industries are setting up in Dholera Smart City Phase 1?

Companies like Tata Group and Vedanta are among those setting up industries in Dholera Smart City Phase 1, showcasing its attractiveness for industrial development.

When will Dholera International Airport be completed?

The first phase of Dholera International Airport is expected to be completed by December 2024, with full operation anticipated by March 2026.

What is the Gujarat Semiconductor Policy?

The Gujarat Semiconductor Policy aims to establish a semiconductor manufacturing hub within Dholera, attracting investments and fostering technological advancement.

How can one invest in Dholera Smart City?

Dholera Smart City offers various investment opportunities, including real estate development, industrial projects, and infrastructure initiatives, catering to diverse investor interests.

Who can be contacted for investment opportunities in Dholera Smart City?

Interested investors can reach out to Dholera Metro City Group, an innovative real estate developer facilitating investment in Dholera Smart City projects.

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