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DHOLERA SIR SMART CITY: Water started spilling in six km long artificial river

Posted 2021-11-10 by DMC/ Dholera Metro City, Dholera Smart City

DHOLERA SIR SMART CITY: Water started spilling in six km long artificial river

One of the very ambitious projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the length will be 15 km and six bridges will be ready, in future such a total of three artificial rivers will be prepared at Dholera SIR Smart City.

It is a mythological belief that King Bhagirath of Raghukul had brought the river Ganges from heaven to earth for the salvation of his ancestors and since then Gangaji's sense of purity with the mere sprinkling of holy water has remained in the people of India. One such new man-made history is now being written on the soil of Gujarat and that is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's very ambitious multi-dimensional Dholera SIR Smart City. In 2020-21, when the whole world is struggling with the corona epidemic, in such a critical time, a man-made artificial river in Dholera SIR Smart City has taken shape. To meet the water requirement in Dholera SIR Smart City, built in an area of 25 sq km, it was planned to build a 15 km long artificial river and so far, not only is the 6 km long, 110 m wide and 15 m deep river. It is ready, but it has also started spilling from the water of this monsoon. In future, a total of three such artificial rivers will be prepared here.

DHOLERA SIR SMART CITY: Water started spilling in six km long artificial river
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had formulated the vision of the country's first greenfield Dholera SIR Smart City while being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, dreaming of realizing the five thousand year old Lothal port as a global city again. Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) Smart City is coming up under 6 town planning in a huge area of 920 sq.km.

This is also one of the big achievements of Dholera SIR Smart City

In the period of Corona period, when countries of the world like America, China, Britain are going through the phase of falling GDP. At the same time, the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, similar to the Statue of Unity, was being realized in the form of an artificial river in Dholera SIR Smart City. When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had laid the foundation of a business hub city like Singapore, Dubai in Dholera SIR. Dholera SIR Smart City Project is included in the list of works and achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to build an able India. Apart from this, his other outstanding achievements include Tallest Statue, Longest Tunnel, Longest Expressway, Highest Rail Bridge, Fastest Growing Economy, Rapidly Realizing Digital Transaction Services, Fastest Growing Railway Network, World's Largest Cricket ground and in all this the world's largest smart city Dholera project can be included for example.

These are the features here

  • Dholera SIR Smart City developed under six town planning

  • 719 sq km in Singapore while Dholera has an area of 920 sq km

  • Construction continues by including 22 villages

  • Will be fully ready in 2042 in a phased manner

  • 12 are divided into different zones

  • Residential, Industrial, High Access Corridor, Knowledge and IT, Public Facilities, Logistics, City Centre, 10 GW Solar Park, Tourism, Recreation and Sports Zone, Coastal Zone

  • 8 lakh jobs and 20 lakh population

  • Domestic and International Airport

  • Drinking water and riverside garden

Dubai, one of the best cities in the world, will end the drinking water crisis in 22 villages of Dholera SIR Smart City area due to the artificial river flowing like Shanghai. A unique scheme of rainwater storage has also been prepared to store water in artificial river. In this, blocks and tunnels have been built at different places under the 72 km long road network of the future Global Business City, from where the rain-harvested water reaches the river. The water treatment plant of Dholera Smart City is also preparing to become the best in the world, where only 5 percent of the 100 percent water will be wasted. At present, this achievement is with the water treatment system of Singapore, where only 7 percent of the water is wasted. Marine parks are also being developed along the river. At the same time, arrangements for electrification, internet, drainage, gasline have also been made under the road.

Investors' first choice Dholera SIR Smart City

Not only from Surat, Gujarat and India but investors from all over the world are taking business and industrial interest in Global Business City Dholera SIR. To be a part of the government's multi-faceted plan, big companies, both domestic and foreign, have also invested here.

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