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Posted 2023-09-28 by DMC/ Dholera Metro City, Dholera Smart City

Dholera SIR an affordable investment destination for investors - Vijay Nehra, MD, Dholera SIR

In a webinar on Dholera Sir organized by National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited, Vijay Nehra, MD of Dholera Industrial City Corporation, told about Dholera Sir on the official Twitter handle of Dholera Sir, Dholera SIR is equipped with good connectivity and world class infrastructure in Sari, as well as Dholera. All in all it has become an excellent place for every investor to get affordable and good returns.

It is to be noted that Dholera SIR, located at a distance of 100 km from Ahmedabad, will not take long to become like a gift city. Because, given the way the state government and the central government are making investments in Dholera Sar in a joint venture, Dholera SIR would have become a global trade center in the next quarter of a decade. Spread over 920 square kilometers, Dholera SIR is larger than Singapore, and currently Dholera SIR has developed world-class infrastructure in an activation area of 22 square kilometers. Along with this, the construction of Ahmedabad-to-Dholera SIR express for connectivity of Dholera SIR is going on in full swing. Union Road-Highway and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said during his visit to Dholera that it will be completed in the coming March-2024.

Dholera Metro City For Dholera SIR Investment Purpose

If you're serious about investing in the thriving destination of Bharat, look no further than Dholera SIR with Dholera Metro City Group. We're a trusted and reputable developer, dedicated to fulfilling all your investment requirements. Explore our website, www.dholerametrocity.com, for real-time updates on plot and land availability. Your future investment begins here.

Source: ધોલેરા સર રોકાણકારોને પોસાય તેવું રોકાણનું ઉત્તમ સ્થળ-વિજય નહેરા, એમડી, ધોલેરા સર - Built India

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