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15 Things to Know before Purchasing a Plot in Dholera

Looking for Residential plots in Dholera? Before being a part of the awesome growth journey that Dholera's real estate market is scheduled for, here are some facts that one should know.

1. Dholera SIR is the biggest Greenfield project that India has ever seen and the maiden smart city of the country. The area allotted for the project spreads over 920 Sq. Kms and encompasses 22 villages.

2. Dholera's development has been divided into three phases and each phase shall take about a decade to complete. The city shall be completed by 2040.

3. In case you wish to purchase a plot to live in, please note that the city shall be inhabitable by 2019 and shall feature basic amenities and initial level of infrastructure development with over 1 lakh residents by such time.

4. Dholera is strategically located 100 Kms from Ahmedabad and DMIC.

5. It is being envisioned as a global trading and manufacturing hub and one can expect a massive economic boom in the city in near future.

6. As visualized by developers, the city shall be developed 6 times the size of Shanghai and twice that of Mumbai.

7. About 8 lakh new job opportunities shall be created in Dholera by 2040 which shall support 2 million people directly.

8. Currently, more than 30 developers are offering residential plots in mega housing projects in the outskirts of Dholera. As development in the city progresses, developers shall start constructing projects within the city.

9. Going by the land cost and anticipated realty boom, prices are expected to soar up at similar rate within Dholera and on its outskirts.

10. There is no better investments destination in India today than Dholera.

11. Dholera is well connected to all important cities of India though road, rail and port. A recent addition to the transit means is development of the Dholera International Airport . It shall be constructed 20 kms form the smart city and augment its economic potential exponentially.

12. Most developers are selling plots on 'Super Built-Up Area' basis. Please ensure that the prices are quoted accordingly. In case you are purchasing a plot on ?Carpet Area ?basis, there shall be a variation in the unit price by up to 35%.

13. Do not ignore the developer?s policy to ensure a fair transaction.

14. Dholerahas been divided in 6 Town planning scheme with phase 1 specially meant for residential purpose. Check the scheme in which your plot belongs.

15. Always physically verify the plot before purchasing the same.

**More Details Kindly Visit www.dholerasir.com, www.gidb.org and www.dicdl.in