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Land Acquisition Completed for Smart Cities on DMIC

A major step in the development of DMIC has been completed - land has been acquired for 4 of the 8 smart cities that shall be built along the corridor. This news has been confirmed in a newspaper interview by the CEO of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation. He also confirmed that development on the said land has begun.

The US$100 million project, DMIC is being built along 1,483 Kms and shall pass through six states: Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It is being developed as a state-of-art project with advice from famous consultants from all over the world including UK, US, Sweden, Singapore and Hong Kong. These consultants have been instrumental in deciding its master plan.

Government sources have revealed to the Express on the sidelines of the Asian Development that coming September the after mentioned land shall be developed and available for use and by the year 2018, the entire infrastructure shall get completed.

Alkesh Kumar Sharma, CEO, DMIC said that an act of the parliament has bestowed some special powers to the smart city by virtue of which they cannot be deviated from their original and approved master plan. This has been specially done to ensure no adverse political influence on the development of these cities and the corridor which might otherwise been a big hindrance given the political situation of India.

The Dholera Smart city shall function on ICT which shall assume central command thereby controlling every utility. Additionally, the usage of ICT shall inculcate greater efficiency in the system and detect faults with great accuracy. 24*7 electric supply has also been planned in the city and every possible electricity resource including wind power and solar energy have been tapped for the same. An integrated water management plan also forms a part of the project. The city's greenery shall be kept intact by construction of underground facilities for utilities such as cables, water supply, drains and pipes.

Applauding DMIC, Mr. Sharma said , "The DMIC will be one of the world's largest integrated industrial corridors in the world, generating enormous amounts of industrial output, trade, and employment, thanks to the application of multiple information and communication technologies."

DMIC shall feature cities with MRTS, two International Airports and multi-nodal logistic hubs across the states of UP, MP, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Local population shall receive training on new trades and receive employment opportunities through this corridor. Dholera alone is expected to raise 8 lakh new jobs by 2040 and support 2.5 million people.

Eight investment regions have been proposed in the phase 1 of DMIC and are: Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment Region in UP; Manesar-Bawal Investment Region in Haryana; Khushkhera- Bhiwadi-Neemrana Investment Region and Jodhpur Pali Marwar Industrial Area in Rajasthan; Pithampur-Dhar-Mhow Investment Region in Madhya Pradesh; Ahmedabad-Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) in Gujarat; and Shendra-Bidkin Industrial Park and Dighi Port Industrial Area in Maharashtra.

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