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Dholera Residential Plot Purchase- 10 'Must Know Facts' before you Strike a Deal

Dholera undoubtedly is a city with upcoming real estate boom. Many factors are having a positive impact on the property markets in Dholera which are expected to soar up exponentially. More than 30 developers have entered the development phase of Residential housing complexes and townships within the city and also on the outskirts. Villages such as Pacchham, Akru, Ratanpur, Valinda, Fedara, Navagam, Pipli and Kamiyala are home to fast track construction activities and one shall soon be able to buy 'ready to move in' properties in most of them.

While buyers are contemplating about purchasing a plot in the Dholera Metro city, let us take a look at the important facts that one should know before finalizing the deal:-

1. Dholera is the first smart city of India and the biggest Greenfield project of India. It shall be built across 920 Sq. Kms and is planned to be developed 6 times the size of Shanghai.

2. The city shall enjoy high class connectivity through high speed metro, extended railway route, 6 lane expressway and port. Dholera International Airport is a recent addition to the city's master plan and shall be instrumental in attracting foreign investments and the economic development of the region.

3. The city shall be built in 3 phases and shall be developed by 2040.

4. Dholera is divided in 6 town planning schemes for seamless planning and development and Town Planning Scheme 1 has been specifically devised for residential purpose.

5. It is important for buyers to be clear about the objective of purchase and buy plots keeping the objective in mind. The choice of plots shall differ depending upon whether it is for self-use or for investment.

6. The appreciation in price of property is likely to remain similar within Dholera and in the outskirts.

7. Before purchasing a plot, it is crucial to consider safety of the area. Try not to buy plots located in remote locations.

8. Verify the transit options from the property. One may get a plot at a cheaper price but might end up paying more on commutation due to lack of public transport facility in the area.

9. Double check the status of the plot. Please ensure that it is lien free. You may verify the same by looking into legal and other documents such as NA, plan pass copy, clear title, etc.

10. Analyze various properties and compare their amenities and prices before arriving at the most suitable option.

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