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Dholera Outsmarts Kavarrati - Why?

The capital of Lakshadweep islands, Kavarrati's pristine white sand beaches has made it a major tourist attraction in the recent years. With literacy rate of 88.6% and a meager 3% families under poverty line (2001 census), the city has fared well for itself. Kavarrati has recently been declared as one of the 100 smart cities to be developed in India. Let us draw a comparison between this beautiful tropical city and India's first smart city in terms of future potential and scope for investors.

Dholera, India's Biggest/Largest Greenfield Smart city of India, first ever of its kind to be developed in India. Dholera is located near Ahmedabad in Gujarat and spans over 920 square kilometers. The enormous size of the country?s first smart city mixed with the government?s vision for it has played an important role in its fast track development and attracting investors from all over the globe. A few quick pointers that shall compare the two cities and help us understand why Dholera outsmarts Kavarrati.

? Dholera has received Rs. 3,000 crore funding for development of trunk infrastructure project,Rs. 1,700 crores for development of roads and another Rs.1, 700 crores have been sanctioned for development of Dholera International Airport . This brings the total initial funding for Dholera and its projects to Rs. 5,400 crores. Such a magnificent start is also attracting investments from all over which shall further speed up the city?s development pace. On the other hand, Kavarrati shall only be entitled to Rs. 2,000 crores (appx). Therefore Dholera shall be developed better and faster than Kavarrati and would consist of superior amenities and better infrastructure.

? The cost of buying a property in Dholera is quite low as compared to that involved in purchasing one in Kavarrati. Besides, the widespread economic activities in Dholera shall be instrumental in economic growth of the region at a much faster pace than that of Kavarrati which shall in turn be instrumental in stimulating the real estate market of Dholera in mid-long term. Therefore, Dholera has become an investor?s obvious preference. An investor can easily buy land at lower price and earn through a better and faster appreciation on property.

? Dholera Metro City shall enjoy a superior connectivity than Kavarrati to nearby cities, PAN India and also on international front.The 6 lane expressway shall connect it to Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar while the Dholera international airport shall connect it to the globe. The city shall also be linked through extended railway route, port and high speed metro rail. On the flip side, the only access to the smart city of Kavarrati is boat transfers and passenger ships. There is a long way for Kavarrati to bridge in terms of national and international connectivity which is necessary in augmenting its potential as apreferred investment zone.

Dholera has received a head start and the thrust from the central government shall ensure that it is developed as a smarter city; the smartest of all 100 that are in queue!

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