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blog Dholera SIR The real estate community and investors across the globe are taking great interest in Dholera SIR latest news.

As per Dholera latest news , the development activities in the first smart city of India has been put on fast track which is evident from the speed of trunk infrastructure development happening on 22.5 square kilometers activation area allotted by the state government. Dholera news also speaks positively of the Rs. 3,000 crore (appx) that has been allocated for the project by the central government. This is expected to act as catalyst to attract further investments in the region.

As per Dholera news , various multinationals are taking keen interest in seeking up their offices/units in the smart city. As per sources, Nano Works Developer Gujarat Pvt Ltd has entered into a MOU with the state government for acquiring 1,500 acres of land in the region. Another piece of Dholera latest news mentionsMahindra Lifespace Developers Limited (MLDL) (a sister concern of Mahindra Group) proposes to develop a business city in the Dholera SIR region that shall encompass 3,000 acres of land.

The connectivity network that the city shall boast of has also become exciting Dholera news since the region shall be connected to all important cities of India through robust railway, port and road network while nearby cities shall be connected through a high speed metro rail. To add on the excitement, development of Dholera international airport has also been approved and work shall commence on it soon.

A city dreamt of by visionaries, Dholera SIR shall soon stand out distinctively on the Indian map.

blog Dholera SIR
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