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Metro Rail to Open up Faster Transit Possibilities between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

100 kilometers metro linkage shall soon be established between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.The project aims to provide for a better and faster transit between the cities and link them efficiently with the city centres and other important destinations.

This elevated metro project shall be built in two phases spanning 61.55 kilometers and 38.45 kilometers respectively. The first phase shall connect Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar and the second phase shall connect Ahmedabad to Dholera. Since the project is supposed to have a long gestation period, it has been put on fast track by the state government and is one amongst the early bird projects.

Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad-Dholera project was included in the master plan for DMIC and approved by the authorities. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) (with initial paid up capital of Rs. 10 crore) shall oversee the development of this project and shall be under complete ownership of Government of Gujarat. This SPV shall undertake all crucial activities to ensure seamless development of the project including activities such as land acquisition, discussion of funding pattern with state and central government, shifting of utilities in phased manner and development of metro corridor, depos and bus depos.

The first phase (61.55 Kms) shall be divided into two parts and follow the below mentioned route map:-

Phase 1

1. APMC/Vasna- Akshardham (Gandhinagar) via Ashram Road, Motera, Koba circle - 32.65 kms

2. Ahmedabad junction - Thaltej via Delhi Darwaja - 10.90 kms.

Phase 1 Extension

1. Koba Circle - GIFT City -Gandhinagar - 10 kms.

2. Koba Circle - Airport - 8 kms

The Dholera metro project in particular has caused quite a stir and will be an important development in the economic progress of the smart city. It is being planned as an effective urban transport system that will be instrumental in linking the city conveniently and speedily to the important urban centres, Dholera international airport , bus depos and railway stations. Dholera metro is projected to be the commuting lifeline for 80,000 passengers (40,000 each side) every day. By 2031, it is expected to be utilized by 1.70 million commuters.

The Ahmedabad airport project is also expected to important for price boom in realty sector in the region. The project shall be built in two parts and the first phase which shall cover 35.96 Kms has been approved Rs. 10,773 crore by Union Cabinet. First phase shall further be divided into two parts:-

Phase 1 - North-South Corridor (15.42 Kms)

APMC- Vasna -Motera stadium

Phase 1 Extension - East-West Extension (20.54 Kms)

Thaltej Gam - Vastral Gam

The series of events that led to the approval of the mega metro project are mentioned below:-

While discussing the pre-feasibility studies for Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor with secretary DIPP in a meeting, the thought of developing this metro route arose. MoR was requested by GoG to check the feasibility of developing such project with a possibility of extending it to Dholera via GIFT city.

IL&FS was assigned the responsibility to carry out study for the project in the meantime.

GIDB reappointed IL&FS Infrastructure development Corporation on 29.8.08 for advisory services for Ahmedabad airport. It was also asked to select a concessionaire.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was appointed by GIDB on 1.09.08 for consultancy services with an objective to carry a comprehensive report on possibilities of extension of Ahmedabad metro route from Gandhinagar to GIFT city.

Other state government and MoR were also taken into consideration to work out the possibility for developing high speed rail in any other state witch a scope to encompass Dholera via GIFT city.

On 15.12.08, a special meeting was held to review the progress made on Ahmedabad metro project. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of PS, UDD.A presentation was made by CEO ?GIDB in course of the meeting which led to the formation of a SPV (under a 100% Government of Gujarat owned company)to oversee the development of the project and undertake key tasks and responsibilities. The SPV was formed with an initial paid up capital of Rs. 10 crores and authorized capital of Rs. 200 crores.

This project is an ambitious project and shall enable the cities to prosper faster by giving an additional and much required thrust to their infrastructure built up.

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