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Dholera SIR Gujarat: The first smart city in the making

blog Dholera SIR Dholera SIR has been conceptualized as the first smart city of India, a city located in the dynamic state of Gujarat; it is all set to define how modern India shall look like in times to come. This project is a very ambitious and dream project of both central government and Gujarat government. A lot of development has to happen in Dholera to make it as a Smart City. Like, construction of a new International Airport, Metro train, DMIC, Power Hub project etc. It is going to be a very planned city in each and every manner.

Of the 100 smart cities to be developed, Dholera SIR Gujarat is leading the vision that the central government has weaved. With Rs. 3,000 crore (appx) in its kitty and land allotted by the state government, SIR Dholera has kicked off the trunk infrastructure

project on an activation area of 22.5 square kilometers. SIR Dholera has kicked off the trunk infrastructure project on an activation area of 22.5 square kilometers. The project should get completed by 2018-19 and shall comprise of roads, water and sewage treatment plants, common effluent treatment and many other amenities.

To ensure that Dholera SIR attracts its share of investors, the master planners have planned world class connectivity. The city shall be connected via several modes including an international airport, high speed metro, 6 lane expressway, national highways, railways and port. The free access of Dholera SIR Gujarat to the world gives the city the strength to develop itself as a potential global trading and manufacturing hub.

Other factors that work in favor of SIR Dholera are its proximity to the vital DMIC corridor, its nascent infrastructure that shall give architects the opportunity to develop it as an infrastructure genius and its low valuation. Dholera SIR , once a hideous town known only to few shall soon be beaming with a huge population who shall live better and breathe fresher.

Dholera SIR Opportunities

✔ To build the industrial parks, townships, knowledge cities.

✔ In building its infrastructure: road, rail, hospital, water, sanitation, tourism, and hospitality.

✔ Set up the metro rail system & international airport.

✔ Potential for development as a multi-modal transportation hub due to lesser distance to all the northern Indian States.

✔ Build world class transport service foreign markets.

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